Choosing the right artificial nail type is very similar to choosing skin care product,
before you purchase, you need to know clearly what kind of skin type you have, oily, dry, allergic…… Gellish Nail & Hand Spa Bali offer different scrubs and different lotions just for you.

Gellish Nail & Hand Spa Bali have an experienced nail technician should be able to tell you what type of artificial nails are fit for you, we only hires nail technicians and nail artists who are well-trained and professional in each area. They will educate you on the facts that you need to know about the often forgotten hands and feet. We believe each customer is important and the quality of each treatment is crucial.

Over here, you can feel the difference and be absolutely delighted when you leave.
Plus, it seems like you are doing the treatment in the comfort of your own home. And also you can feel free to relax and have a little of your very own quiet time, Gellish Nail & Hand Spa Bali offer complimentary drinks and light snacks also.